Narrow Multirapier weaving machine for 3D composite and biomedical.

Unique features

Step into the future of weaving with our cutting-edge machine, engineered to revolutionize your production process with its unique features.


  • Contactless Rapier Technology: Say goodbye to traditional rapier systems with our contactless rapier machine. By eliminating physical contact with the fabric, we ensure smoother operation and reduced fabric damage, resulting in higher-quality textiles.
  • Parallel Reed Beat-Up: Experience unparalleled fabric consistency and uniformity with our parallel reed beat-up system. This innovative feature guarantees precise beat-up motion, enhancing fabric integrity and overall quality.
  • Multirapier Capability: Harness the power of versatility with our machine's multirapier capability, accommodating up to 4 rapiers simultaneously. This allows for increased weaving speed and efficiency, as well as the creation of intricate designs with ease.

Take your weaving capabilities to new heights with our state-of-the-art machine, where advanced technology meets unmatched performance for limitless possibilities in textile production. 


  • Biomedical fabrics (implants) 
  • Spacer fabrics
  • Sampling loom 
  • Filtration