Narrow technical / shuttle weaving machine for 3D Composite and biomedical. 

Unique features

Discover the future of weaving with our state-of-the-art machine, designed to optimize performance and enhance fabric quality through a series of innovative features.


  • Smart Digital Weft Recapture: Independently of spool acceleration and detection system, our smart digital weft recapture ensures precise and efficient weft insertion, minimizing thread breakage and improving overall fabric consistency.
  • Innovative Three-Level Shed: Specifically designed for tubular fabrics, our innovative three-level shed significantly reduces warp friction, leading to smoother operation and extended warp lifespan.
  • Vertical Moveable Shuttle System: Our vertical moveable shuttle system allows for seamless and accurate shuttle movement, enhancing weaving precision and fabric quality.
  • Double Production Capability: Featuring two shuttles on top of each other, our machine doubles production efficiency, enabling higher output without compromising on quality.
  • Mid-Fabric Shuttle Takeover: Shuttles are taken over in the middle of the fabric, ensuring continuous weaving and reducing the risk of defects.
  • Quick Changeover: Experience minimal downtime with our quick changeover feature, allowing for fast reloading of parameter sets and swift transitions between different fabric types.
  • Enhanced Fabric Quality: Our advanced technology leads to improved fabric quality and significantly less waste, ensuring that you achieve the best possible results with every production run.


Upgrade your weaving capabilities with our cutting-edge machine, where innovation meets reliability to deliver superior performance and exceptional fabric quality.


  • Biomedical applications
  • 3D Composites
  • Tubular fabrics
  • Defense and Military
  • Distance fabrics
  • Construction fabrics