Heavy duty closed edge weaving machine. 

Unique features

Introducing our advanced weaving machine, meticulously crafted to meet the demands of modern textile production while offering unique features tailored to optimize your weaving experience.


  • Closed Edge with Bobbin Binding Technology: Experience flawless edges and enhanced fabric durability with our closed-edge design, powered by innovative bobbin binding technology. This cutting-edge feature ensures secure fabric edges, minimizing fraying and maximizing the lifespan of your textiles.
  • Heavy Duty Construction: Built to withstand the toughest weaving challenges, our machine boasts heavy-duty construction that guarantees reliability and longevity. Whether you're working with delicate fabrics or heavy-duty materials, our machine delivers consistent performance and durability.
  • Wide Weaving Width: Expand your creative possibilities with our machine's generous weaving width, allowing you to produce textiles up to 2 meters wide. This spacious weaving area provides ample room for intricate designs and large-scale projects, empowering you to unleash your creativity without constraints.


Elevate your weaving process with our high-performance machine, where precision engineering and innovative features combine to redefine the standards of textile manufacturing.


  • Conveyor belts 
  • Slings