Heavy duty multi layered weaving machine.

Unique features

Introducing our latest weaving machine, engineered to deliver exceptional performance and cater to the most demanding weaving requirements with its unique features.


  • Design Dependent Weft Insertion Height: Tailor the weft insertion height according to your specific design needs, ensuring optimal flexibility and precision in fabric creation.
  • Powerful Beat-Up Force: With an impressive beat-up force of 180,000 N, our machine guarantees robust and consistent fabric structure, even with the most challenging materials.
  • Accommodates Thick Fabrics: Capable of handling fabric thicknesses up to 10 cm, our machine opens up new possibilities for creating heavy-duty and multi-layered textiles with ease.


Upgrade your production capabilities with our advanced weaving machine, designed to meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency, regardless of fabric complexity or thickness.


  • 3D Composites
  • Defense and miltitary
  • Isolation panels
  • Slings