The wire loom is developped for weaving cut and/or loop pile fabrics. It's new design allows heavier beat up and industrie 4.0 ready. 

Unique features

Our advanced weaving machine stands out with its unique features, designed to deliver exceptional quality and versatility.


Cut and/or Loop Pile Fabrics: Create both cut and loop pile fabrics with precision, allowing for diverse and intricate textile designs.

Parallel Reed Motion: Ensure uniform fabric tension and consistency across your entire project with our innovative parallel reed motion system.

New Rapier Head: Experience enhanced efficiency and accuracy with our state-of-the-art rapier head, engineered for smooth and reliable performance.


Upgrade your weaving capabilities and achieve unparalleled results with our groundbreaking machine, where traditional craftsmanship meets modern technology.


Cut and/or loop pile velvets 

General specs of machine

  • Fabric type: Genua velvet with cut and loop pile
  • Weaving widt: 70 to 300 cm
  • Pile delivery: Beam stand with 2 beams and bobbin creel 
  • Shed formation: Jacquard and or dobby
  • Weft selection: Up to 8 colors
  • Reed motion: Parallel reed motion